Delivering a climate agreement

Delivering a climate agreement

Ian has today written to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and COP26 president Alok Sharma, urging them to put their party differences aside for the sake of the environment.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s Labour hustings at the SEC in Glasgow, which is due to host COP26 later this year, Ian said the process towards a global agreement on tackling the climate crisis has been frustrated by Tory/SNP bickering.

Ian welcomed the appointment of a minister to head up the COP26 process, but said there must now be more urgency to the preparations, a firm commitment from the UK Government to keep the summit in Glasgow following threats to relocate it to London, and a pledge from the UK Government to stop picking fights with the Scottish Government.

He has also challenged the First Minister to stopweaponising the political row to build a grievance narrative towardsWestminster.

Ian Murray MP, Labour deputy leadership candidate, said:

“The stakes couldn’t be higher.

“The COP26 summit in Glasgow is about the future of everyone living on this planet.

“But the UK is not on course to meet its own climate targets, and there has been a distinct lack of urgency from the Tory Government, which has instead been looking to pick fights with the SNP Government in Edinburgh, even threatening to shift the event to London.

“The game-playing and bickering has to stop, and there must be a new urgency to preparations and a firm commitment to host the summit in Glasgow.

“The SNP is also exploiting the row, as nationalists are always desperate for division and disagreement.

“But the environment is far too important to become a pawn in this battle between two political parties.

“For the sake of the planet, the First Minister and Alok Sharma must put their differences aside and work together to ensure that COP26 is a huge success, with Britain leading the world and delivering a global agreement to tackle the climate crisis.”

You can read the letter to Nicola Sturgeon here and the letter to Alok Sharma here

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