Ian accepts the Lincolnshire Challenge

Ian accepts the Lincolnshire Challenge

Labour deputy leadership candidate Ian Murray has accepted the ‘Lincolnshire Challenge’ set by former county MPs to listen to local voters and set out the party’s path back to power.
Mr Murray, Scotland’s only Labour MP, is the first deputy leadership candidate to respond to the challenge and will visit Lincolnshire today (THU), meeting with local residents, trade union representatives from Community and Unite at the Scunthorpe steelworks, and Labour members.
Labour used to have five MPs in Lincolnshire, but now has none – and only runs one council.
The Lincolnshire Challenge was set by former MPs Nic Dakin, Melanie Onn and Karen Lee, along with local councillors.

Ian Murray MP, Labour deputy leadership candidate, said:
“Our defeats in Lincolnshire were devastating for the party and for those who most need a Labour government.
“We can’t hope to win back the trust of voters here and across the UK if we choose continuity candidates to lead the party. Labour has to change.
“We will only be able to transform lives once again if we are in power, and that requires changing to become a credible alternative government.
“To do that we have to listen to voters in seats we lost, which is why I’m taking the Lincolnshire Challenge. We must become a party for the entire UK – all of its regions and all of its nations.
“Post-Brexit, we have to fight for workers’ rights in every community, Leave or Remain, in industries such as steelworks.
“I know how to build coalitions of voters and that is what I will do as deputy leader.”

Nic Dakin, Labour MP for Scunthorpe from 2010 to 2019, said:
“It is great that Ian is taking the Lincolnshire Challenge seriously. I’m excited to have him meeting and listening to local people and I’m keen to hear his ideas for getting Labour back to winning ways here in a Lincolnshire and in the country.”

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