Joyce Quin – Ian will help us win in the north-east

Joyce Quin – Ian will help us win in the north-east

Joyce Quin has backed Ian Murray as the next deputy leader of the Labour Party.
Baroness Quin, a former Europe Minister and long-serving north-east MP and MEP during a political career spanning more than 25 years, said she had decided to back Mr Murray because of his track record winning against the odds.
Mr Murray, MP for Edinburgh South, is Scotland’s only Labour MP – twice surviving a nationalist wave, and turning a marginal seat with a majority of just over 300 in 2010 into a majority of over 11,000 last year.

Joyce Quin said:
“I am supporting Ian because, having shown how he can attract and maintain the support of voters in his own constituency against the tide, he is the ideal candidate to help us rebuild Labour in Scotland as well as across the UK.
“His commitment to Labour values and to internationalism has been both unwavering and inspiring.”

Ian Murray MP, Labour deputy leadership candidate, said:
“I’m delighted to have Joyce’s support. She stood up for people in the north-east for decades, and was part of the last Labour government that transformed lives.
“Labour will only be able to transform lives once again if it’s in power, and that first requires changing to become a credible alternative government.
“To do that we have to be a party for the entire UK – all of its regions including the north-east, and all of its nations.
“Post-Brexit, we have to fight for workers’ rights in every community, Leave or Remain.
“I know how to build coalitions of voters and that is what I will do as deputy leader.”

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