Britain’s future in Europe

Britain’s future in Europe

The Labour Movement for Europe has nominated Ian Murray for Labour deputy leader.

LME, which is one of the official societies affiliated to the Labour Party, is the home of pro-Europeans in the Labour and trade union movement. It is chaired by former Redcar MP Anna Turley and its honorary president is Neil Kinnock.

Mr Murray is the most pro-EU candidate standing in the deputy leadership contest and has put forward a ‘Labour Campaign for Britain’s Future’ to build closer relationships with the EU post-Brexit. He has also said Labour should never rule out campaigning to rejoin the EU if it is in the national interest.

Ian Murray MP, Labour deputy leadership candidate, said:

“I’m honoured to have the support of the Labour Movement for Europe and would like to thank the organisation for standing up for our values as a pro-European party.
“I fought tirelessly against Brexit, and I will continue to campaign for internationalism and solidarity.
“But the sad reality is that our crushing election defeat means we are up against a powerful Tory government that can do what it wants. That’s why we have to change to win.
“Never again can we abandon our values, and never again can we face two ways on the biggest issues of our time.
“If elected deputy leader, my campaign will aim to enhance Britain’s place in the world and ensure that jobs and livelihoods are protected, and the UK’s economy can grow.
“A close relationship with our European neighbours is vital for Britain’s future and we should never rule out campaigning to be part of the EU in the future if it’s in the national interest.”

Anna Turley, Chair of the Labour Movement for Europe and former Labour MP for Redcar constituency said:

“Our executive has decided to nominate Keir Starmer and Ian Murray because of their strong pro-EU values and the fact that we think they are in the best place to take Labour to victory at the next election.
“Keir led Labour’s Brexit position with skill and diligence, guiding the party to the position we adopted at conference, in support of a confirmatory referendum. While, his personal position was for Labour to clearly campaign to Remain had there been a referendum, he worked hard to keep all sides of the debate within our movement together in a difficult and fractious period. As we leave the European Union, Keir understands the importance of keeping as close as possible relationship with the EU to protect people’s jobs, their rights and the NHS and environment.
“Ian Murray has twice been the only Labour MP elected in Scotland, which voted decisively to Remain. He has not only survived because of his ability to communicate and campaign but because he has spoken up for pro European values. Ian was part of the successful court challenge against Boris Johnson’s unlawful prorogation of Parliament, the co-chair of the Labour Campaign for the Single Market and a strong supporter of a people’s vote. He understands that even after Brexit our ties with Europe must remain strong.
“We are confident the two will take our pro European and internationalist values forward.”

Further details on Ian Murray’s Labour Campaign for Britain’s Future
• We must have a proper constitutional convention so we can galvanise the public and the party around how all the nations and regions of the UK are governed in a post-Brexit Britain. Taking power at Westminster and then giving it away.
• In the short-term, pro-Europe voices are needed to ensure that trade negotiations put the UK on the side of higher standards and not a race to the bottom with a Trump trade deal. We need to set the bar high.
• Following the end of the Brexit transition period, the Labour movement must make the case for a closer relationship.
• This will enhance Britain’s place in the world and ensure that jobs and livelihoods are protected, and the UK’s economy can grow.
• In the long-term, Labour must never rule out campaigning to be part of the EU again in the future, if it is in the national interest.

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