Winning Together

1. We must be honest and listen to voters, members, trade unions and affiliates so that we understand what we got wrong.

I will visit every seat we lost, won and may never hold in every nation and region of Britain to understand why Labour lost – and report back to conference this September.

2. We must stand up for every part of our UK, building on our values of internationalism and solidarity as a pro-UK and pro-European party.

I will launch a Labour Party Campaign for Britain’s Future to determine how our country should be governed. Read more here. Our local communities need to be reconnected with politics and make the decisions that shape their lives.

3. We must change the way our party works so that we transform its culture and tackle the scourge of antisemitism.

I will take personal responsibility for rooting out antisemitism, bullying and harassment across our party. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Jewish Labour Movement and you can read my plan to tackle antisemitism here.

4. We must organise effectively to ensure we target resources where needed.

I will be led by our members’ local knowledge and our own data and research to ensure our campaigns can win. I will also propose the creation of an additional and equal Deputy Leader post that has to be a woman – to ensure we never have the situation again where there is not at least one woman in our leadership team. I will work as part of a team to improve our campaigning structure.

5. We must never compromise on our Labour values while building a broad coalition of support as I have always done.

I will never allow us to face both ways on the biggest issues of our time. We must always do what is in the best interests of our communities. Read more about my story here.